We Relocated from Britain to Hurghada and Now Enjoy a Lavish Luxury Lifestyle for a Fraction of the Cost

A British couple, Tony and Doris, have made a big change to their lives to beat high living costs in the UK. They moved to Hurghada in Egypt, where they now live comfortably while spending much less money than before.

Tony, 57, and Doris, 50, used to spend over £1,200 every month in the UK. But since moving to Hurghada, Egypt, they now only spend a little over £200 a month.

They left the Isle of Wight in September last year and are enjoying their retirement in Hurghada, Egypt. They spend their days travelling, relaxing in the sun, and swimming.

According to Tony, if they had stayed in the UK, they would still need to work. But in Egypt, they only pay £13 in bills each month. They don’t have to pay local taxes because they’re temporary foreign residents.

Tony said living in the UK was stressful, with long working hours and unpredictable weather. They’ve been visiting Egypt regularly for the past 20 years and love the welcoming nature of the people there.

Holiday day home in Hurghada
Tony and Doris’ luxury apartment in Hurghada (Image: Tony Smith/SWNS)

Their typical day now involves sunbathing and enjoying affordable meals in Makadi Bay, a beautiful resort town. Even though fuel is cheap, Tony prefers taking taxis, which cost as little as £2.50 for a half-hour journey.

Despite their new life in Egypt, their family hasn’t joined them permanently. However, they keep in touch through video calls and visits.

Tony and Doris used to spend £1,240 a month in the UK, but in Egypt, their expenses are significantly lower, with no council tax.

Tony plans to spend the rest of his life in Hurghada, enjoying the affordable lifestyle and warm weather!

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