Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Invest in Hurghada Properties

Are you considering investing in properties in Hurghada, Egypt? There has never been a better time to do so, with fantastic real estate options and unique advantages that you won’t find in any other country. With a combination of government incentives, low costs, and an attractive real estate market, now is the perfect time to buy your dream apartment or villa in this charming Red Sea resort town.

In this blog post, we will explore the unparalleled benefits and advantages of investing in Hurghada properties right now. From zero stamp duty and capital gains taxes to interest-free payment plans and freehold ownership, you’ll be amazed at how much you could save and benefit from your investment. Not only that but the low ongoing maintenance and energy costs, as well as easy and affordable visa options, make investing in Hurghada an attractive prospect for both long-term residents and holiday home seekers.

New Opportunities and Unbeatable Savings in Hurghada Real Estate

With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and thriving tourism industry, Hurghada has long been a popular destination for holidaymakers and investors alike. The Egyptian government has taken significant steps to encourage foreign investment in the country, pushing Hurghada to the forefront of attractive real estate markets. In this article, we will reveal the incredible advantages of investing in Hurghada right now by breaking down specific benefits and showcasing how unique these opportunities are.

No Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax or Monthly Council Tax: Maximising Your Investment Potential

One of the most significant advantages of investing in Hurghada real estate is the current absence of several significant taxes. Right now, there is no stamp duty tax when purchasing a property in Hurghada, meaning you can save on large upfront tax costs that are common in many other countries. Additionally, there is no capital gains tax on property sales. Instead, you pay a mere flat fee of 2.5% of the selling price. This is in stark contrast to rates in countries like Denmark, France, New York, and the UK, which impose capital gains tax rates of up to 60%, 32.5%, 31.4%, and 28%, respectively.

Furthermore, there is no monthly council tax or property tax in Hurghada. Comparatively, in the UK, homeowners face an average council tax bill of £2,065 per year. With these tax benefits, investing in Hurghada property has never been so appealing.

No Bank Mortgage Required: Interest-Free Payment Plans from Developers

Continuing to remove barriers to property investment, many developers in Hurghada are offering interest-free payment plans for their properties. This remarkable benefit allows you to avoid bank loans and costly mortgage interest rates, which can save you thousands in the long run. Plus, there are no credit or bank checks required if you use the developer’s optional payment plan. With this kind of financial flexibility, investing in Hurghada real estate is an attractive prospect for many buyers.

Freehold Ownership: The Most Desirable Property Status

Securing freehold ownership of a property can be challenging in many countries, particularly for apartments in complexes. However, all apartments in Hurghada are offered with freehold ownership, making them an even more attractive investment. This legal status means that you have complete control over the property without having to pay any land lease costs or deal with leasehold restrictions.

Affordable Properties & First-Class Facilities: Quality and Value Combined

The cost of constructing properties in Hurghada is significantly lower than in many other parts of the world due to the affordability of materials and the availability of inexpensive labour. The result is a combination of high-quality properties and unbeatable prices on apartments and villas, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

Additionally, maintenance costs are generally lower when investing in a Hurghada resort or complex, despite the extensive facilities often found on-site. These may include swimming pools, gyms, shops, and other amenities, which are all maintained at a low annual cost, adding to the attractiveness of these properties.

Effortless and Affordable Visa Processes

The Egyptian government has made it easy for foreign investors to secure visas without requiring full residency. This streamlined process, combined with low visa application fees, ensures that investing in Hurghada remains accessible and hassle-free. With such a welcoming approach towards foreign investors, it’s no wonder that Hurghada’s property market is booming.

Energy Efficiency: Reduced Electricity Costs

Finally, energy costs in Egypt are relatively low, which is another draw for property investors. The affordable rates are partly due to the country’s abundant energy supply, allowing investors to save even more money on their properties. With electricity prices continually rising in many other countries, the low costs in Hurghada are an additional factor to consider when investing in real estate in this beautiful resort town.

Now’s the Time to Invest in Hurghada Property

The current benefits and advantages of investing in Hurghada property cannot be overstated. With a combination of tax savings, interest-free payment plans, freehold ownership, value for money, and streamlined visa processes, there has never been a better time to invest in this vibrant Red Sea destination.

Don’t miss out on these unique opportunities, and consider investing in Hurghada today. Every moment you wait could be an opportunity missed to capitalise on the remarkable real estate market in this stunning Egyptian resort town.



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Disclaimer: We have conducted extensive research and possess over a decade of experience, having facilitated more than 1000 property sales in Hurghada to foreign buyers. However, circumstances evolve, and individual situations vary. Please note that these resources are intended solely for informational purposes to the best of our knowledge and should not be construed as professional legal or tax advice.