Go Investment top London firm show why their clients keep on returning to invest through them

June 15, 2015 2:23 pm

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We offer a best price guarantee

Go Investment are an Investment company rather than an estate agent, so our aim is to hand pick the best property investments on the market. We base this on the expected capital growth, estimated rental returns and below market value prices. We endeavour always to save our clients money and time without adding any fees for doing so, as some agents do. As we are experts in selling properties in Egypt, we offer a Triple promise guarantee. This is to ensure all of our clients get the best prices possible, they have a hassle free purchase and it is time effective. When purchasing via Go Investment we DO NOT take any fees or charges from our clients and we make the whole buying process very simple as we deal with the full process from start to finish, including making sure all the necessary paper work is in place.

We have in-house lawyers to help

We are the only UK Company to offer a free legal service, to help clients when purchasing in Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. This is a free service for our clients, so feel free to take advantage of this. Our In-house lawyer is always on hand for our clients to answer any questions about the legal side of purchasing your property and help you all the way with the buying process. Also if you have your own lawyer, they can assist them with any paper work they need, be it from here or Egypt. There are lots of things to consider when purchasing in Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh and we take the complications out of buying an apartment in a foreign Country by explaining the procedures and helping you every step of the way. We also use Independent lawyers to check the main legal documents, such as the developers contracts, prepare due diligence checks and any other necessary legalities needed in order to keep our clients in safe hands.

We cover your bank charges and help you get the best rates of exchange

Nobody likes bank charges! Go Investment are here to help you with this. When sending money to Egypt, there will always be a fee for the transfer whether you are paying the developers in Egyptian pound, English pound, Euros or US dollars. Go Investment cover these charges as we believe when you are purchasing an apartment abroad the last thing you want are hidden fees. Go Investment have helped our clients save hundreds of pounds per property, especially if you have taken a payment plan and need to make regular payments abroad. If you are paying in a different currency, we also have staff who monitor the exchange rates so we know exactly when to send your funds saving you even more money with our corporate rates of exchange.

Staff in UK and Egypt

This is important for Go Investment as we like our clients to have contact with our Company when in the UK or on ground in Egypt. This means that when in the UK you are able to ask any questions or queries you have about the areas, developments and places to go, then when you visit Egypt we can then show you around all these places. Having staff on the grounds is also fantastic because we are able to keep all our clients up to date with the progress of the development and apartment you have purchased by taking regular photos. Our staff are fluent in English, Arabic, Spanish and Russian giving us a wide range of communication with our clients.

100% fully UK registered company

Purchasing from a UK registered company who are based in UK has many benefits in regards to the UK regulations. As we are the biggest sellers in Hurghada we have seen many agents who have not registered their company with the UK government to make a quick buck and leave their clients with no after sales care or help with registering their properties, furniture or advice. It is very important the agent is at least 3 years UK registered as when purchasing off plan property this is the average time it takes for the whole process takes from start to finish. We have been involved with over 25 developments in different countries and seen from the first brick laid to furnishing our clients apartments. Companies house shows how long your agent has been registered.

Go Investments Exclusive rights to sell in resorts

Due to our experience, reputation and professionalism we are proud to be the only company in the UK to have exclusive rights in luxury developments. We are approached by developers from Egypt regularly to exclusively sell their apartments because of our reputation in Hurghada or just sell them as a normal agent. We turn down 95% of these offers no matter how much commission we are offered due to many reasons. With this in mind, we only market the best 5% of the properties in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh

Full after sales care

As we have helped 100s of clients purchase a profitable property investment or dream holiday home, we have found this is the easy bit. We want all of our clients to enjoy investing in Egypt as we rely on repeat custom or recommendations, so we have a full sales after care helping you with all the extras you may not have thought of. Just to name a few, furniture, insurance, money transfers, viewing trips, property management, regular news updates in Egypt and more.

Go Investments furniture suppliers

The most frequently ask question after you have purchased your apartment from us is ‘How much is the furniture’? Go Investment have teamed up with a furniture suppliers who exclusively gives all our clients the lowest prices with no hidden or added cost or charges. The furniture is made of the highest quality products, it is made to order and it is designed to suit your requirements and budget. The prices are the most affordable in Hurghada, as it is all made locally, we even offer FREE snagging, delivery, installation and a final clean once all the furniture is set up in your apartment and ready to use.

Piece of mind for our clients

Go Investments director has personally invested in every country we sell property investments. Egypt – Hurghada, Thailand – Pattaya and UK – London, each process is completely different in regards to the legalities, process of purchase, tax and hidden costs. With all this knowledge and first-hand experience we can 100% make the process smooth and help you with every aspect of the buying process in Egypt. His buying process in Hurghada in 2008 wasnt as smooth as he wished as his agent didnt explain the full buying process in Egypt. However, Go Investments buying structure for our clients has been covered from start to finish so our clients dont face the same difficulties Go Investments director had.


Egypt Developments

Imperial Resort Hurghada

exclusive new launch

Go Investment Imperial-Resort-Hurghada-3-3-700x473 Imperial Resort Hurghada
From £17,900

Imperial Resort Hurghada pool view apartments from only £17,900

5% deposit & Deposit Discount Scheme available

Exclusive boutique Bali Themed Resort

Infinity Roof top pool & heated pool for Winter months

Latest completed development

2 & 3 bedrooms available

Go Investment Aqua-Tropical-Resot-2-1-700x466 Latest completed development
From £44,032

Only 30% deposit required

Monthly payments & Interest Free over 36 months

Apartments and resort complete

Limited apartments available