Egyptians urged to cover up as heat wave hits the country

June 3, 2014 2:00 pm

Go Investment 1401806503heat Egyptians urged to cover up as heat wave hits the country Egypt News

Egypt braces for hot weather, with Tuesday and Wednesday temps topping 40 Celsius

Egypt is expected to be hit by a scorching heat wave on Tuesday and Wednesday, says the states meteorological authority (EMA).

According to weather forecasters, daytime temperatures will range from 38 to 40 Celsius on Tuesday across most Egyptian governorates, while night time temperatures will range from 26 to 30 Celsius.

On Wednesday, the temperatures are expected to be hotter, bringing official warnings of skin burn from over exposure to the sun.

Temperatures on Wednesday will range from 42 to 44 Celsius at midday, down to 35 Celsius by the evening.

Wind speeds will range from 14 to 22 km/h from east to west, while the humidity will be up to 50 percent on both days.

ETA added that the heat wave will be broken by Thursday as temperatures will be back to normal levels to record an average of.30 Celsius max and a minimum of 20 Celsius.


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