Egypt to be exposed to heat wave starting Sunday

The head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) Ahmed Abdelaal said Egypt is expected to be exposed to a heat wave starting Sunday.
The heat wave will last for at least a week, where temperatures will increase above the normal range between 5 to 7 degrees during daylight hours.
Abdelaal advised people in a press statement on Wednesday to not to wear overly summer clothes, especially at night, and to follow up on the daily weather forecast issued by the EMA in light of the weather fluctuations expected.
The spring, which technically begins on March 21, which is characterized generally by moderate weather, will witness between four to six waves of unstable weather of the Khamasseen seasonal winds, said Abdelaal.
Khamaseen winds come from the Western Sahara heading east with high-speed southwesterly winds accompanied by sand and dust, sometimes reaching the strength of a storm, according to Abdelaal.
Strong Khamaseen winds hinder visibility on roads, and also disrupt sea navigation especially in the Mediterranean Sea.
It is usually accompanied by a significant and temporary rise in temperature, which can reaches 10 degrees Celsius above the average, followed quickly by a significant drop in temperatures between 12 to 15 degrees and rains or thunder storms in some regions the day after, said Abdelaal.

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Source: – Al-Masry Al-Youm



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