Are you a reputable property developer in Hurghada looking to maximise your next project’s full potential? If so, let us bring our marketing expertise to your development and introduce your projects to International buyers, looking to invest in the best the property market has to offer in Egypt.

Are you the right Property developer in Hurghada?

As one of the leading Hurghada property marketing specialists, we focus on providing international investors with the best buying opportunities in the most sought-after developments in Hurghada. 

Are you a property developer in Hurghada or land owner with a proven track record? Then we can work with you to deliver unique developments to  Hurghada property buyers.

Having been in the Hurghada property market since 2009, we are very experienced in all aspects of how to deliver high-quality projects to the International market.

We’re always on the lookout for a property developer in Hurghada or land owners with a 100% track record who we can partner with to bring the development to market at its full potential.

On a proven exclusive marketing and sales basis, our team of in-house and international partners can provide the full package – From up-to-date marketing strategies to branding, sales, marketing and most importantly clients customer care.

If you represent a property developer in Hurghada with a development or a proposition, get in touch so we can discuss how we’re able to work together. Get in touch today

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Established in 2009

Within the first 10 years of business, we left behind the role of an independent agency, selling for multiple developers and moved into working closer with only selected developers in exclusive resorts from concept to delivery. LEARN MORE >

Since 2016

Go Investment have been pushing design boundaries in the Hurghada property market to bring unique concepts to reality. Working with our successful team, we design, brand and sell quality, affordable apartments in unique residential developments.


100% sold out 18 months before the development completed build!

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Buying directly from a property developer in Hurghada

Buying a property directly with the developer in Hurghada can offer several advantages compared to purchasing a resale property. Buying from developers has proven the most popular way to buy an apartment in Hurghada.

Go Investment only works directly with reputable property developers in Hurghada, Egypt. All of our apartments for sale are brand new and a big advantage of purchasing one of our properties is it’s less likely to require any major repairs or renovations, saving you time, money and hassle.

Firstly, new developments in Hurghada are often designed with modern amenities, better construction standards and higher-quality materials. This can result in a more comfortable and enjoyable living experience for you, so this is a big factor to consider when looking for a property for sale in Hurghada.

Additionally, you can often benefit from flexible payment plans and discounts that are not usually available with a resale property. Furthermore, purchasing the property directly from the developer in Hurghada provides the buyer with greater transparency in terms of legal documentation and the title of the property.

Overall, buying a property directly with the developer in Hurghada can offer greater value for money, peace of mind and a high-quality living experience.

Go Investment only work with reputable developers in Hurghada and guide you through the buying process in Hurghada, we are here to answer any questions you may have in regard to buying a property in Hurghada!