Al Ahyaa beach clean up is a Success near Aqua Palms Resort El Gouna

Thanks to the careful planning and tireless efforts of Briton Carol King, the previously announced beach clean-up went ahead Monday, March 11 and was a big success. The beach cleanup targeted a strip of beach just outside El Gouna on municipal land that was littered with plastic, debris and pollutants.

The Environment Ministry in conjunction with Hurghada Municipality provided 30 personnel to assist in the cleanup. The new Aqua Palm Resort and Core Gym provided another 10.

Clean up new

Two hours of cleanup resulted in two lorries full to the brim with detritus. The volunteers were obliged to stop when they reached an area of beach belonging to the military. In three days this area will be cleared by them. The fishermen in the area off Al Ahyaa have been instructed not to dispose of their waste by dumping overboard for it to wash ashore.

Aqua Palms Resort 2 1
The new Aqua Palms Resort

Carol was promised rubbish bins will be placed along the beach to the El Gouna perimeter, and that the municipality will be responsible for the removal of their contents.

Carol reports that she will continue to work with the Ministry of Environment to ensure the beach is always maintained and cleaned.


Aqua Palms Resort owner Carol reports that she will continue to work with the Ministry of Environment

Many thanks to Carol King for her efforts in organising this cleanup. It could not have been easy. Thanks also go to the 30 cleanup volunteers. Let us hope this initiative raises awareness in the Red Sea communities on the importance of caring for our environment.

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